Duke men's basketball 2021-22 player preview: Spencer Hubbard

Sophomore Spencer Hubbard will look to make an impact however possible after serving exclusively as a practice player last season.
Sophomore Spencer Hubbard will look to make an impact however possible after serving exclusively as a practice player last season.

As the calendar shifts to November, it is becoming apparent that basketball season is on the horizon. That means that it is time for our player previews of every member of Duke men's basketball. Next up, sophomore walk-on Spencer Hubbard. Read the previous previews here: Stanley Borden.

Spencer Hubbard

Year: Sophomore

Height: 5-foot-8

Position: Guard

Last year’s statline: N/A

Game breakdown: Last year, Spencer Hubbard was a member of Duke’s practice squad and he was able to earn a walk-on spot for this season. We do not have any college stats for Hubbard, but we have a pretty good idea of what type of player he is. In high school at Harvard-Westlake, Hubbard played point guard, starting three of his four years. He is a traditional reliable guard, but his competitive advantage comes from his quick, scrappy nature and ability to take the ball to the hoop. 

It is obvious Hubbard made an impact as he averaged 13.0 points and 4.0 assists during his senior year. He always lit a fire in his team when they needed it most. Hubbard will look for every opportunity to contribute in a similar way as an official member of the Blue Devils roster.

Role on the team: Hubbard most likely will not make it onto the court this season unless the Blue Devils are boasting a hefty lead in closing minutes. This means that his ability to energize and support the team will be crucial in tough ACC and non-conference matchups. This situation isn’t an ideal position for Hubbard, but it’s necessary for a team that wants to win a national championship.

When looking at the depth chart, Hubbard finds himself behind sophomore Jeremy Roach, freshman Trevor Keels, freshman Jaylen Blakes at guard. If Hubbard does make it on the court, he will aim to play a similar role as Jeremey Roach with his quickness and elusiveness when the ball is in his hands.

NBA comparison: The best comparison for Spencer Hubbard is Memphis Grizzlies point guard Carsen Edwards. Both of these players have an aggressive mindset with a very good shooting ability and handle. They both have the capability to energize their teams with their support and assertive play-style. 

Hubbard will not post the numbers Edwards did while he was at Purdue, but it is fair to say they possess similar mentalities. The two guards are not first options for their current teams, but they are still expected to fill important roles. It is to be seen whether Hubbard and Edwards will make a lasting impact this coming year.

Projected stats: 0 PPG, 0 RPG, 0 MPG


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