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Class of 2025 elects first-year DSG representatives

Duke Student Government will welcome new first-years to the Senate in just under two weeks.

The Class of 2025 voted for first-year senators from Sept. 9 at noon to Sept. 10 at noon, with 1,020 students participating—this yields a voter turnout of over 57%. Junior Devan Desai, interim attorney general and senate president pro tempore, shared the results with The Chronicle by email. 

Candidates had to collect at least 25 signatures by Sept. 4 to be eligible according to DSG’s election bylaws. Students could also participate as write-in candidates, but none proceeded past the first round of voting, Desai wrote.

In DSG’s instant-runoff voting system, voters rank candidates in order, with votes being redistributed in successive rounds as the lowest-ranked candidates are eliminated. At the end of the process, two first-years were elected to each committee.

More first-years will enter the Senate through the at-large process, decided by interviews with a selection committee rather than elections. At-large applications were due Friday morning, and interviews will take place over the weekend. The new senators will attend their first meeting Wednesday, Sept. 22.

The newly elected representatives are as follows:

Academic Affairs: Jax Nalley and Ishaan Brar

Campus Life: Alex Dray and Karen Xu

Durham and Community Affairs: Carson Carranza and Chloe Decker

Equity and Outreach: Kunmi Ojo and Priyanshi Ahuja

Services and Sustainability: N Wang and Alyssa Ting

This article will be updated when the at-large senators are selected.

Nadia Bey | Managing Editor

Nadia Bey is a Trinity junior and managing editor of The Chronicle's 117th volume.


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