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Quotes from Bridging the Gap Episode 5: Analyzing Representation and Coverage in The Chronicle

Bridging the Gap is a partnership between The Bridge and The Chronicle that explores race, gender and marginalization at Duke and beyond.

This episode explores the history of The Chronicle, particularly in terms of its failures to adequately cover marginalized groups and its representation among staff. Below are some quotes from the episode, featuring reflections from previous editors-in-chief about events during their tenure.

Listen to the episode here (there is also a transcript for those who need or prefer one), or read a note from the series' former host

“And as for The Chronicle, it has changed quite a bit from that paper I first became involved with. The accused slantedness of the Chronicle at that time was merely the open expression of sincere political and social concern and awareness which is quite unlike the supposedly fair, but highly de-personalized and bureaucratic Chronicle we have now. A paper should strive for excellence but should not forget the humanity of the people that work to make it so.”

- Adrenee Glover, former Chronicle staff member

“The Chronicle had Black students on staff, the Chronicle had other students of color on staff. I do think diversity was a problem at The Chronicle at that time, and as editor at that time that was on me. I take responsibility for the fact that the Chronicle was not as diverse in its staff as it should have been. I think other editors before me would probably say the same. But nonetheless, it took a long time for the Chronicle to begin, I think to improve relations, including after the Horowitz ad.”

- David Ingram, former Chronicle editor

“But it's the same thing where damage is done by columns that are put out on some of these topics at times, emotional damage, damage to the journalist brand, all this stuff at times potentially. And yeah, it's like an existential question for media right now. But yeah, to your specific question, I think there was that conflict. And it was at basically the front of my mind as long as I was around, and I know it is still for the current Chronicle staff too.”

- Amrith Ramkumar, former Chronicle editor and sports editor

“We felt that it justified what we were doing. On the other hand, you know, reading back through The Chronicle, I could see that in some ways we were preaching to the choir. We probably didn’t convince a whole lot of people to change because of our approach. So that was the downside of how we did things.”

- Tom Campbell, former Chronicle editor-in-chief and opinion editor

"As Duke’s paper of record, The Chronicle’s decisions will often outlast the people that make them, even when we think the dust has long settled. Those decisions can either build community trust or damage it."

- Nadia Bey, Vol. 117 managing editor and host of Bridging the Gap

Nadia Bey | Digital Strategy Director

Nadia Bey is a Trinity senior and digital strategy director for The Chronicle’s 118th volume. She was previously managing editor for Volume 117.


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