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The Class of 2021's senior columns



At the end of every volume, The Chronicle invites graduating staff to write senior columns reflecting on their times in the 301 Flowers office.

Mihir Bellamkonda: How to turn invisible and back again

"And now it’s over. I’m visible again, just another Duke student with opinions. I’ve left the rooftop, and soon no one will be the wiser." - Mihir Bellamkonda, Volume 116 opinion editor

Nicholas Chrapliwy: Moving image

"Written as gerunds to communicate their ongoing and perpetual nature, these categories overlap and fracture into smaller ones and so are inexhaustive, but nevertheless serve to illustrate the story of the past few years." - Nicholas Chrapliwy, Volume 116 opinion managing editor

Sarah Derris: Reminisces of a solitary walker

"For now, I will probably walk alone at graduation. But I know, with big changes on the horizon, that I will not be alone as I start this next phase of my life." - Sarah Derris, Volume 116 Recess editor

Shannon Fang: You deserve to be here

"I never want someone to forgo the chance to be part of the incredible experience that is The Chronicle because they lack a sense of belonging: This is me telling you that you deserve to be here." - Shannon Fang, Volume 115 senior editor

Carter Forinash: Care about the little things

"When I walked out of the office on Wednesday night, at the end of my last editing shift, I wanted to stay because of the little things." - Carter Forinash, Volume 116 news editor

Ann Gehan: Truth be told

"However, if there’s one thing I’ve learned from writing for the Chronicle, it’s that the truth is never impossible to find—you just have to look for it." - Ann Gehan, staff reporter

Nathan Heffernan: How Duke changed me, for better or and worse

"As a senior, I have an opportunity to look back at my years, to see the campus culture from a different lens, and reflect on the change I have experienced while at this university." - Nathan Heffernan, columnist

Sydny Long: Stupid as a noun

"If she cannot be beautiful, then she is still Sydny. If she cannot be smart, then she is still Sydny. If she cannot be anything, then she is still Sydny." - Sydny Long, Volume 116 Recess managing editor

Stefanie Pousoulides: Embracing empathy

"However, I realized that being able to empathize with someone doesn’t depend on sitting across from them. It’s about listening to their voices, observing what they emphasize and acknowledging the importance of their perspective." - Stefanie Pousoulides, Volume 115 news editor

Jake Satisky: Chronicling my time at The Chronicle

"One morning in the Chronicle office, after pulling an all-nighter to finish a PubPol memo, I saw a squirrel in front of me." - Jake Satisky, Volume 115 editor-in-chief

Derek Saul: It's already been four years, huh?

"It feels surreal to already say goodbye, but in a way I have lived many lifetimes at The Chronicle." - Derek Saul, Volume 115 sports editor

Mary Helen Wood: Under the radar

"This is my first and final written contribution to a paper that has shaped my college experience beyond any other organization at Duke." - Mary Helen Wood, Volume 115 photography editor

Rose Wong: Almost all of it

"The Chronicle has both been my bane and my saving grace." - Rose Wong, Volume 116 senior editor


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