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'Spaceman' is Nick Jonas's COVID-era tribute to love

<p>Marriage has brought out a new side of Nick Jonas that is reflected in his beautiful record "Spaceman."</p>

Marriage has brought out a new side of Nick Jonas that is reflected in his beautiful record "Spaceman."

Nick Jonas put his brothers aside for this one and returned to the solo stage with Spaceman, an album that is, dare I say, out of this world. This is his first solo album since the Jonas Brothers reunited around this time in 2019, leaving many fans wondering what this means for the boy band. However, the surprise release of the deluxe version provides some reassurance as track “Selfish” features both Joe and Kevin. Following the news, he wrote on instagram “Told you @jonasbrothers weren’t going anywhere.” Phew.

Since the Disney-era JoBros, Nick has shown his affinity to grow as an independent artist. Even though he has reunited with his brothers, that fact has not changed, and the two are not mutually exclusive. 

The album reflects on pandemic life in an attempt to be relatable and create a connection between the art and the audience. The album is divided into quarters that follow distance, indulgence, euphoria and commitment. The youngest band member has created a story and carefully-sequenced piece of art with the release of this album, not just a bunch of songs thrown together under a shiny cover. The emotional distress of quarantine is expressed through the first three songs followed by two about pandemic coping mechanisms. Instead of just stating all of the emotions he has been experiencing in isolation, Jonas uses the second half of the album to offer an antidote: love. 

This album is an ode to Jonas’ wife Priyanka Chopra Jonas and the amount of time they have spent together during the pandemic. The title track’s music video follows the artist on a search to find his wife. This love letter comes as the two announced this year’s Oscar nominations, a list that included The White Tiger, a film starring and produced by Ms. Chopra Jonas. The two are quite the power couple —  on the nomination stream, fans flooded their comments with gushing compliments.

After the “Spaceman” music video came the “This Is Heaven” video which Jonas describes as being “sort of the center point, and kind of the thing that propels us into the theme of commitment, honestly just one of my favorites.” The music videos are rolling out in the intentional order of the album to complete the artistic vision. 

Harry Styles, another teen sensation, just won a Grammy for his post-boy-band solo career. Could this offer some insight to Jonas’s future career goals? Styles’s win proves that it is possible to escape the boy band reputation and gain respect from the Academy. Whether or not this is what the teen sensation is eyeing, this album shows true artistic growth. Out of the three brothers, Nick has definitely done the most to mature his image and make a name for himself independent of the Jonas Brothers brand. In 2012, he returned to Broadway, reminding everyone that he’d spent much of his childhood in the theatre. The multi-talented artist began his career at age 7 on Broadway and left to form the Jonas Brothers. Nick was the one to get discovered for his voice, and his brothers piggybacked on his signing with Columbia Records to round out the iconic band. Besides being a triple threat, he is a talented songwriter and can play the guitar, bass, piano, keyboard, percussion and drums. His talent carried the band, so it makes sense that he has been the most successful solo artist to emerge.

Though Nick Jonas is by no means a new artist, he is starting a new chapter in his career. He went from his childhood theatre career to the Jonas Brothers to his solo career and back to the Jonas Brothers. Now he is back on his solo career, but it is different. He has gone through metamorphosis and come out the other side. It has been almost five years since the release of the artist’s last solo album and like any other twenty-something, he has changed a lot in that time period. One stark development — his marriage to his muse, Priyanka Chopra. Chopra has made her way into Jonas’s heart and creative soul, illuminating greatness into his music. Even though his career seems like it has been plentiful since it has been going 21 years strong, it is important to remember that he is only 28 and has tremendous room and ample opportunity to change and improve his talent. “Spaceman” represents one of many new projects that will hopefully come from Jonas in the future.


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