Christina Wang elected DSG president, Ramya Ginjupalli to be EVP

Christina Wang will be next year’s Duke Student Government president and Ramya Ginjupalli will be DSG executive vice president.

A total of 2,124 undergraduates voted in the election, which was open from noon Thursday to noon Friday, wrote Attorney General Jason Scharff, a senior, in a Friday afternoon email to The Chronicle.

Wang, a junior, received 1078, or 52.2%, of the votes for president. Her opponent, junior Carlos Diaz, received 956, or 46.3% of the votes. 

DSG elections use an instant runoff voting system in which voters may rank the candidates, but no second round was necessary for president. 

In the first round of the EVP election, Ginjupalli, a junior, received 982 (49.1%) of the votes, while her opponents, juniors Zac Johnson and Jackson Kennedy, received 515 (25.8%) and 490 (24.5%), respectively. The election went on to a second round, in which Ginjupalli received 1230 (64.5%) of the votes and Johnson received 675 (35.5%).

Wang is currently DSG vice president of equity and outreach. Her platform focused on ensuring greater equity, building a “Duke community for all” and implementing more student-centered resources.

Ginjupalli is currently DSG vice president of campus life and hopes to give the student body more voice in DSG projects, promote connection among students and work closely with student groups.

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Mona Tong

Mona Tong is a Trinity senior and director of diversity, equity and inclusion analytics for The Chronicle's 117th volume. She was previously news editor for Volume 116.


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