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Duke Disability Alliance endorses Christina Wang for DSG president


Duke Disability Alliance (DDA) is pleased to announce its formal endorsement of Christina Wang for DSG President. While the decision was difficult, Christina stood out for her history of engaging disability-related groups, and her track record of successfully addressing student concerns in collaboration with Duke administration. 

DDA believes that Christina can best further current initiatives concerning disability and accessibility in Duke’s community. DDA values how Christina came into the meeting with knowledge of our current activism efforts as well as concrete plans to build on our successes. She is interested in helping DDA implement disability studies curriculum in collaboration with the Undergraduate Education office, helping expand the Duke cultural center into a permanent office, and incorporate the Disability Invitational as a part of standard Blue Devil Days programming.

Christina’s commitment to student-focused activism is evident in her prior achievements as a member of Duke Student Government. We were impressed by her efforts to develop an equitable grading system during the pandemic, create the Blue Devil Buddies program, and establish a student advocates office and ombudsman program. DDA also appreciates Christina’s plan to include student groups in DSG decision making through her willingness to attend DDA Exec meetings and schedule 2 meetings a semester with our leaders. Christina has displayed an understanding of the needs of students with disabilities and we believe she can effectively implement her promised action plan if elected as DSG president. 

DDA thanks Carlos Diaz for his dedication to holding DSG accountable, his past efforts to address the needs of marginalized groups on campus, and his ideas for intersectional collaborations between Duke’s various identity groups. DDA looks forward to greeting and working with the future DSG President.

DDA co-president Simran Prakash (T'22) has recused herself from the endorsement process.


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