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Duke women's basketball 2020-21 player preview: Jiselle Havas

With Havas being a walk-on, she had to earn her spot on the team this offseason.
With Havas being a walk-on, she had to earn her spot on the team this offseason.

College basketball season is approaching, and with that the Blue  Zone gives you a breakdown of the 2020-2021 women's basketball squad. Be  sure to check out the previous previews: Vanessa de Jesus and Uchenna Nwoke.

Jiselle Havas

Year: Junior

Height: 5-foot-10

Position: Guard

Last year's statline: 2.2 PPG, 1.8 RPG, 0.5 APG (Lafayette College)

Game breakdown: It’s hard to say anything about Havas’ game with much confidence, as the walk-on from Lafayette College has averaged only 14 minutes per game last year, in a conference not exactly known for television exposure.

What little film there is on Havas shows an ability to get open and a willingness to put up good shots. She’s fairly quick—at least by Patriot League standards—and well-coordinated, which serves her well in being able to make threes.

Now, the fact that she can make threes doesn’t mean she’s a great shooter. Havas has shot just 25.6 percent from the field, and while her form is solid, it’s fairly labored and starts with a long hitch that begins with her arms fully extended at chest-height. It’ll be interesting to see what Lawson and company can do with her motion, but its current state leaves her vulnerable to blocks from ACC defenders.

Role on the team: The last girl to walk onto Duke was Jenna Frush, who would go on to play only 30 minutes a year. But she also played with Elizabeth Williams, Chelsea Gray and Rebecca Greenwell on rosters that were decidedly better than the current Blue Devils.

Havas should figure to get some minutes at the bottom of Duke’s off-ball wing rotation. That platoon currently features Miela Goodchild, Jaida Patrick, Sara Anastasieska and Havas. That’s one great three-and-D player, one defense-first player, a fairly solid player and Havas. If her shooting comes around, she’ll get all the minutes she ever hoped for.

Projected stats: 0.8 PPG, 0.2 RPG, 3.0 MPG


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