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C'mon, Vince

guest letter

I am offended by the crocodile tears in Vincent Price’s recent epistle. How many Black Lives Mattered when Duke phased out all those union jobs and farmed out the work to unorganized contractors whose workers have no job protection and few benefits? How many Black Lives Mattered in the decision to kill the Light Rail System which would have increased job and transportation-to-work possibilities for so many area workers?

How many Black Lives Matter on the Duke Board of Trustees? Out of thirty-six trustees, three are African-American. One is African. Count ‘em!

If Price is serious, there will be a Black Lives Matter criterion in the selection of the next Executive Vice President, someone not only with excellent managerial skills, but with a commitment to social justice, environmental protection, public transportation and to closing the wealth gap in this country.

C’mon, Vince, you think we don’t know how hollow your words are?  We’re Duke people.


David M. Henderson ‘68


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