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Letter: Thank you, Grey, for all of the times and talks

letter to the editor


Thank you. 

Thank you for that time. 

Thank you for that time you told me you were studying for the LSAT and wanted to go to a top law school. I could see the determination and ambition in your eyes and it was truly inspiring. You were the kind of guy one only meets once in a lifetime. You were full of life and loved a good conversation. I’m happy that you got into Duke Law, and you would have been an incredible lawyer. 

Thank you for that time you Epipen-ed yourself in my room freshman year. Everyone else freaked out when we heard the sound go off and you just stopped for a second then laughed it off like it was nothing, getting back to the deep conversation we were having. Even while being probably the most mature and put-together person I've known at Duke, you were always so lighthearted and managed setbacks with humor rather than frustration. 

Thank you for that first night of pledging. We got off the bus together, smiling with nervous anticipation. You introduced yourself to me. 

Thank you for that late-night pitchforks run. You, Tim and I went, and we all cracked jokes the entire time. I realized that we all had the same ridiculous sense of humor. I'm not sure if you knew this, but I had been having a very stressful week, and this short meal was one of the highlights. I hoped after that night that we would get a chance to sit around and make jokes like that again, to brighten each other's worlds a little bit.

Thank you for that time I pledged Scale and Coin with you, after having already pledged Delt with you #DoublePledgeBrothers. I knew going into it that it would be a brutal six weeks, but we found ways to make it lighthearted through the nervousness. That was also when I witnessed firsthand the remarkable trait within you that allows you to accomplish anything you set your mind to. If “determination” were a person, it would be you.

Thank you for that time we hung out at Mardi. You seemed so happy and I'm glad I got to share that moment with you. 

Thank you for that time in sociology class. At the end of the semester, you emailed the entire 100 or so person class selling a study guide of notes you took throughout the year. I'd say over half the class bought it, because our notes were all shitty. Your notes were insanely comprehensive. I could see your innovative, entrepreneurial nature from that point, and you were going to do great things because you had ambition and creativity. 

Thank for that time we met at a party, yet somehow we just stood in a corner and talked about philosophy for an hour. In an incredibly superficial and shallow environment, you were able to remove me and you from all that and make it seem like we were the only two people in the world. 

Thank you for those conversations at parties on politics and philosophy. I saw you as one of my more favorite younger members of the fraternity. I knew, based on our political agreements, that you were an extremely smart and bright guy. I regret that I will not be able to see who you would have become.

Thank you for our time as roommates together during sophomore year. In particular, I remember both pushing back our laundry for another week, or trying on the dumbest outfits before going out. But mostly, I remember the nights that turned into mornings where we would stay up talking about things that didn't matter at all and the things that mattered the most. 

Thank you for our conversations. At parties, in section, in the gardens, in Ryan's room—the time and place were insignificant, but the deep thoughts and ideas will be immortal. These conversations always turned into classic Grey Spector monologues of startup ideas, business models, artificial intelligence, moral philosophies and endless plans for the future—the unforgettable Grey Spector life doctrine that always left me feeling excited for tomorrow. And it always will.

Thank you for the time we spent together. You were a kind person and profound thinker. I respected your ambition. Just before spring break you had been telling me how excited you were for law school and on the progress you had been making on a new patent application. 

Thank you for the memories.

Memories provide great comfort in moments like these. Because when we remember the times we had, it helps us remember the time we have. Here and now. Together and forever. Always in our hearts. 

Rest in peace, brother. 

With love, 
The Brothers of Delta Tau Delta


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