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Letter: 20 things I will never forget about Raj (not Rajesh) Mehta

letter to the editor

1. The way he would always halfway open all his mac and cheese bites from pitch to let them cool before eating them but stop after like four because he could never finish his meals.

2. How he was a sucker for late night heart-to-heart conversations and how excited he got when you told him a secret (he really did love the tea).

3. His iconic red Cookout shirt and Mickey Mouse beats, before airpods were a thing.

4. The way he could just sense something was wrong or off with his friends but you didn’t even have to verbally tell him.

5. When he used to floss or hit the woah and look at himself in the mirror in between runs at dance practice when he thought no one was looking.

6. The way he would pull out his baby voice when you called him out for something. 

7. How he would subtly stand on his tiptoes in pictures to look taller.

8. The way he would let us leech off his Chegg but never made us feel guilty about it.

9. His unreal voice—especially during the song game—that left the rest of us in awe of his talent (cue “Down” by Jay Sean).

10. His eyes as they lit up when he talked about something he was working on or Kesem because he was incredibly passionate and committed to everything he set his mind to.

11. How he would hype up the team during dance even when he himself was dancing and then would call you out for not smiling.

12. The way he would pull out his iPad in perkins to watch netflix while (not) doing his work.

13. How he would distract us with some video or SNL clip that he thought was hilarious because if he wasn’t studying then no one else was.

14. His smile when he patiently fixed my laptop issues after many others and even OIT couldn't.

15. The way he never tied his shoelaces on his rainbow sneakers (this drove me nuts).

16. His smug face when he made the last cup in pong like it was no big deal. 

17. How he wore his caps backwards even though it made him look like a middle schooler.

18. The way he rarely ever ate Marketplace dinner and rather, used equivalency to get Trinity Cafe pizza and chocolate milk. 

19. His passion about discussing politics and current events even though I had no idea what he was talking about (sorry for being unwoke).

20. The way he loved and took care of those around him. 

Raj, thank you for blessing me with memories that I will cherish forever. 

I’ll miss recognizing your white and black Adidas backpack across campus, hearing your laugh, watching you get excited over the smallest things and seeing your bubble on Find My Friends.

While you shined as a pratt star, I know you’ll continue glowing as a star in the sky watching over us  

Neha Shrishail is a Trinity sophomore.

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