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Duke Honor Council endorses Tommy Hessel for DSG president


Duke University Honor Council is pleased to formally endorse Tommy Hessel for DSG President. After hearing from both candidates on March 2, Honor Council believes Tommy best embodies honor, integrity and moral courage, the values that define our Duke community. 

Council members greatly appreciated Tommy’s commitment to equality on campus. Inspired by his view of the outdoors as a place that everyone can share equally, Tommy is determined to increase resource accessibility for students of all backgrounds. He plans to accomplish this by hosting a “President’s roundtable” where all student groups can have a place to voice opinions, goals and concerns. He is also passionate about preventing sexual assault on campus.

Moreover, council members were impressed by Tommy’s knowledge and respect for the role of integrity on Duke’s campus. Tommy mentioned his appreciation for the Duke Community Standard plaques in classrooms as well as the Honor Council Orientation Week speech. He also brought up an important point about the effectiveness of the Duke Community Standard, suggesting an increase in professor-led conversations about academic integrity before classes commence.

Beyond his demonstrated dedication for campus equality and awareness of the importance of integrity, Tommy’s personal character is very admirable. He believes that honor extends beyond the classroom and includes lending a helping hand to anyone in need. 

In conclusion, Honor Council recognizes the high moral standards both candidates demonstrate. Honor Council commends Valeria Silombria’s commitment to improving the Duke-Durham relationship and view of honor as staying true to oneself.

Gabi Marushack, Pratt '22, Vice Chair Internal 

Recused members: Matthew Gayed, Devan Desai

Absent members: Amelia Steinbach, Ally Bennion, Amber Smith, Ari Levine, Brittany Amaro, Camille Ampey, Cliff Haley, Cindy Pan, Dustin Zhu, Elizabeth Reneau, Ellen Hirsberg, Evan Liu, Harrison Labban, Julia Marshall, Kristen Ankoma-Sey, Margaret Gaw, Megan Zhao, Parsa Hoghooghi, Ritika Revoori 

Editor's Note: Your group may submit your endorsements to Leah Abrams and Jake Satisky by 8 p.m. on Wednesday, March 4. Read our full endorsement policy here.


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