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Mi Gente endorses Valeria Silombria for DSG president


The Mi Gente 2019-2020 Council unanimously decided to endorse Valeria Silombria for Duke Student Government President because of her commitment to engaging with historically underrepresented groups on campus and in the Durham community. We had the opportunity to meet with both candidates, and we believe that she possesses the skills and leadership necessary to bring structural change and equity in the boardroom, such as advocating for a hate speech/hidden bias policy, supporting student activists on campus and expanding abroad options for undocumented students. 

As the Vice President of Durham and Regional Affairs, she has proven to help communities outside of Duke and she continues to advocate for better relationships with Durham as a whole. As a Rubenstein Scholar, she has shown that she cares about the impact that institution has on other first generation students. Mi Gente’s mission to promote awareness about Latinx cultural, political, educational and social issues aligns with her values to making Duke more accessible, transparent and affordable. Her platform not only amplifies our mission, but it also strives to elevate that of the whole student body. 

Lastly, we asked both of the candidates questions pertaining to the Young Trustee process and the repeated disconnect with students in positions of power and cultural/affinity groups. As one of the cultural groups that decided to not endorse a Young Trustee this year, we believed it was necessary to endorse Valeria because she is one of the few candidates running for any of the positions of power that has actually demonstrated commitment to cultural/affinity groups throughout her time at Duke. Her plans as President gives us undoubted hopes. 

She is an agent of change and is paving the way for others in the Latinx community. We believe in Valeria Silombria, and we hope you will too. Remember that voting opens March 5 at 12:00 p.m. and closes March 6 at 12:00 p.m. Be sure to vote so your voice can be heard! 


Rosvid S. Herrera Tenorio, Trinity '21

Mi Gente’s 2019-2020 Council 

Benny Romero, President of Mi Gente, recused himself


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