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Duke Disability Alliance endorses Ibrahim Butt for Young Trustee

Duke Disability Alliance (DDA) is pleased to announce its formal endorsement of Ibrahim Butt for Young Trustee. While the decision was difficult, Ibrahim stood out for his invaluable experience in the boardroom and powerful embodiment of empathy, accessibility and inclusion.

DDA believes that Ibrahim can best further current initiatives concerning disability and accessibility in Duke’s community. Ibrahim has shown a genuine, personal understanding of the issues which students with disabilities face on campus. DDA believes that he will use this empathy to actively address these issues and spearhead decisions which aim to create a more inclusive and accessible Duke not only for the disability community, but for students of all marginalized communities. 

Ibrahim’s commitment to actively empowering marginalized voices has shined in his work with Duke LIFE, among many other feats. Ibrahim emphasizes the importance of empathy in the challenges that face low income, first generation students at Duke, which lead to his important work in creating a physical space for Duke LIFE. Furthermore, Ibrahim has shown an understanding of the importance of visibility, identity and community, values which DDA has attempted to embody in our ongoing efforts to create a Disability Cultural Center. 

Ibrahim’s prior membership on the board for Undergraduate Education, which works closely with the Board of Trustees, gives him valuable knowledge of the nature of the Young Trustee position. DDA believes that his experience on the level of both student advocacy and key university decision making will give him the skills to better serve the interest of not only the disability community, but all marginalized groups on campus through the Young Trustee role. 

DDA thanks Leah Abrams for her commitment to improving the Duke and Durham community, Maryam Asenuga for her allyship to many marginalized communities and Tim Skapek for his outstanding knowledge of the Young Trustee position. DDA looks forward to greeting and working with the future Young Trustee.

Symon Ma

Trinity College of Arts & Science, 2021

Editor's note: Abrams is the opinion editor for The Chronicle. The Opinion section played no role in the Young Trustee endorsement process, as outlined in this year's endorsement policy. If your organization would like to submit an endorsement to The Chronicle, please read the policy. 



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