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Duke Catalyst endorses Ibrahim Butt for Young Trustee

Catalyst is Duke’s social and pre-professional community for aspiring technologists. We strive to foster Silicon Valley’s spirit of innovation by building a network of student mentors and collaborators who see technology as a catalyst for change. 

We had the opportunity to meet with all candidates running for the position, and after much internal discussion, we have chosen to endorse Ibrahim Butt for Young Trustee. 

All candidates demonstrated passion and qualifications to serve the University throughout their unique experiences. We believe that Ibrahim’s commitment to removing barriers for low-income, international and minority students through his work serving as co-president of Duke LIFE will equip him to continue standing up for the rights of students who are not represented or heard on the current Board of Trustees. He has made a strong impact on Duke and the Durham community with advocating for the pursuit of affordable housing through the Community Empowerment Fund. Lastly, his experience on the Undergraduate Education Committee where he has previous experience lobbying with Trustees about decisions gives us the confidence that he will enact change and create a positive impact serving as Young Trustee. 

We value Leah’s commitment to advocacy and our Durham community, Maryam's impact on campus and focus on uplifting minority communities and Tim's experience with the Young Trustee Nominating Committee. 

Catalyst is excited for what the future holds regardless of which candidates are elected as all are strongly qualified to execute their bright visions for our student body. Nevertheless, Ibrahim Butt is the candidate who we believe will best champion the interests of Duke’s rapidly growing tech community. 

Akshara Anand (T ‘22), President of Duke Catalyst

Editor's note: Abrams is the opinion editor for The Chronicle. The Opinion section played no role in the Young Trustee endorsement process, as outlined in this year's endorsement policy. If your organization would like to submit an endorsement to The Chronicle, please read the policy.