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Five key takeaways from The Chronicle's Class of 2023 survey

Editor's note: This is part of a series about the Class of 2023 based on a survey conducted by The Chronicle. You can learn more about the methodology and limitations of the survey here. Read all of our survey coverage here.

Here are five takeaways from this year's Class of 2023 survey:

Interest in living groups varies based on early or regular decision and income

The Chronicle survey found that there are big differences in students’ interest in Greek life or selective living groups when compared by whether they applied early or regular decision. 

For Greek Life, students who applied early were more likely to be extremely, very or moderately interested than students who applied regular decision—but regular decision applicants were more likely to only be slightly or not at all interested in Greek life. 

Michael Model

In contrast, students’ interest in selective living groups was higher than their interest in Greek life when their families made less or more than $125,000. However, interest in both Greek life and SLG’s increased considerably for higher income students. 

Daria Patterson-Smith

Family income, financial aid varies between Trinity and Pratt

Half of Trinity students don’t receive financial aid, while 35% receive no aid in Pratt. 60% of first-years in Trinity and 42% of first-years in Pratt have a total annual family income greater than or equal to $125,000.

Isabella Wang

Trinity students are more than four times more likely than Pratt students to be legacy students

Only 4% of Pratt respondents said that they had family or siblings who had attended Duke, compared to 19% of Trinity students who said they did. 

About the same number of students took the SAT as the ACT

Out of The Chronicle’s 193 respondents who completed the whole survey, 127 said they took the SAT. The 125 who reported their scores said they ranged from 1290 to 1600, and the average was 1523. 

Out of the 193 respondents, 126 took the ACT. The 124 who shared their scores said they ranged from 28 to 36, and the average score was 34.4. 

According to the official Class of 2023 profile from the admissions office, the middle 50% range for accepted students was 1500 to 1560 for the SAT and 33-35 for the ACT. 

The number of schools students applied to varied widely

While 15 students said they only applied to one school, 17 respondents said they applied to 20 or more schools, with the highest number being 38. The average number of schools they applied to was 10. 

Respondents also told us how many schools they were accepted to—the average was 5.5 and the most was 25. 


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