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DUSDAC discusses Korean barbecue food truck, Devil Pizzeria's delivery hours

At Duke University Student Dining Advisory Committee’s meeting Wednesday, student representatives discussed food trucks and Devil’s Pizzeria.

The meeting was cut short after Zweli’s, a local Zimbabwean establishment, could not show up due to an unspecified emergency.

Food trucks

Bulkogi, a Korean barbecue food truck that has previously come to the Duke Farmers Market, is being considered as a potential addition to the lineup of on-campus food trucks.

“It’s Korean barbecue and we don’t really have that as an option on campus,” said DUSDAC co-chair Allie Rauch, a senior.

Bulkogi originally came to Duke several years ago but has since stopped serving food on campus. Other potential additions that DUSDAC discussed included Buoy Bowls—a popular açai food truck in Durham—and a vegan and gluten-free wholesale bakery food truck. 

Duke food trucks are on campus Monday through Thursday from 5:00 p.m. to 7:00 p.m. in Edens Quad or at the 300 Swift apartment complex. For the spring, DUSDAC discussed moving the Edens food truck location to be near Wannamaker dorm in order to increase foot traffic.

Merchants on Points Hours

Devil’s Pizzeria, a Merchants on Points pizza vendor, has been attempting to expand their options by creating a gluten-free kitchen in the space next door to their Ninth Street location, DUSDAC was told. The new gluten-free pizzas would likely be added to Merchants on Points.

However, zoning and permitting issues have slowed the process of creating this gluten-free kitchen. Devil’s Pizzeria occupies an area of Ninth Street in which buildings are considered historical.

DUSDAC is also investigating why Devil’s Pizzeria recently stopped delivering to campus past 9:30 p.m. while Merchants on Points is meant to run until 10.

New look for Sprout and Farmstead 

DUSDAC has also begun plans to redesign Sprout and Farmstead next summer. 

“Elevations of the look and feel will probably come later,” said Robert Coffey, executive director of dining services. 

Editor's Note: This article has been updated to change Devil Delivery to Merchants on Points.


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