‘Euphoria,’ Playboi Carti and The Lumineers: Check out the Recess pieces you read the most in September

For most of us, September was a month spent (re)adjusting to the day-to-day college hustle, diving head-first into classes that we’ll soon give up on entirely and procasti-reading only the most controversial opinion columns. But for some of us, September signaled much-anticipated album releases, trips to local restaurants and anger spawned from what the kids these days are calling ‘real person fiction.’ Read on and click through to enjoy our top five stories from September, and don't forget to check out the most read News, Sports and Opinion stories too.

1. Third time is not the charm on The Lumineers’ ‘III’

The Lumineers — a band both admired and despised for its widely-played 2012 hit “Ho Hey” — dropped its third studio album last month, aptly titled “III.” Contributing writer Andrew Witte reviewed the band’s latest foray into music rooted in storytelling and ornate production, which fell disappointingly short of its grand ambitions. 

“While built around an interesting concept,” Witte writes, “the product ultimately leaves more to be wanted.”

2. The Machiavellian militancy of Playboi Carti

We know what you’re thinking: Playboi Carti? Is that a name I’m supposed to know? Don’t fret, reader, because our contributing columnist Ben Brutocao is here to teach you the ins and outs of the rap industry as we currently know it — which, apparently, has a lot to do with SoundCloud and clout goggles and little to do with the old ways of music-making. 

“Carti was then and is now a concept, a band of synchronous insanity,” Brutocao writes. “It rips apart what rap music was, and shows us what it can be once we forsake lyricism and fry our brains in the fire.”

3. ‘Euphoria’’s controversial One Direction scene teaches a lesson on ‘real person fan fiction’

So, apparently ‘real person fiction’ is a thing, and it is weird. Recess culture editor Sydny Long launches a (valid) diatribe against this startling trend in the fanfiction world, which depicts very real human beings in very fictional relationships. Recently, an episode of the hit TV show “Euphoria” explored one of its characters’ obsession with writing ‘real person fiction,’ and it even went as far as providing a visual aid to go along with her story about Louis Tomlinson and Harry Styles of One Direction. Needless to say, people were disturbed.

4. Eastcut Sandwich Bar serves up a burger that rivals Durham’s best

Ordering a burger at a sandwich bar has never crossed our minds, but according to contributing writer Alex Leo-Guerra, that’s our loss, because Eastcut Sandwich Bar makes a burger that’s both traditional and deeply satisfying. “It rubs shoulders with some of Durham’s best burgers and is among the most comforting I’ve had yet,” Leo-Guerra writes. You can order the burger with curly fries or sweet potato tater-tots that are guaranteed to hit the spot. What are you waiting for, reader?!

5. Tea Time: How to combat a caffeine addiction and cope with senior year panic

Recess’ advice column, Tea Time, is penned by Alice Dai and runs biweekly on Wednesdays. For this September installment, readers asked us about kicking a caffeine addiction to the curb and dealing with the seemingly world-crushing stress that accompanies senior year of college. Dai is honest in a way that makes you feel a little less alone in your struggles, and she’s likely to share a piece of advice that you will want to take to heart.

“Naturally, if you’re looking for the right answer from me, I don’t have one,” Dai writes. “I’m still figuring it out myself, and I’ve messed up more times than I’ve succeeded.”


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