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Highlights from Duke men's basketball's Preseason Media Day

<p>Tre Jones will be turned to as a leader in his sophomore campaign at Duke.&nbsp;</p>

Tre Jones will be turned to as a leader in his sophomore campaign at Duke. 

Though summer just officially ended, basketball season is officially here. Monday afternoon, the Blue Devils hosted their Preseason Media Day, a day before practices for the 2019-20 season begin. Here are some highlights from the afternoon:

Tre Jones on Instagram posts and return

“It was a pretty easy decision for myself to come back here. There is no place like Duke. As far as basketball goes, to be able to play for the greatest coach again, and to be able to be with a group of guys like this, it’s tough to pass up…. It wasn’t a tough decision for myself. I knew pretty early after the season what I wanted to do and there was no reason to test the waters.”

Michael Savarino on getting his Duke offer

“There was one instance in sixth grade where [Coach K] sat my brother and I down and said, ‘If either of you want to walk on, that opportunity will always be there.’ I don’t think he remembers that conversation, but—trust me—I remember that conversation.”

Mike Krzyzewski on the dynamic of this year’s team compared to last year’s

“This group is more old-fashioned. We have to blend the old and new. I really like this group and that dynamic. Javin [DeLaurier] and Jack [White], they help these young guys, and [last year], what are you going to help Zion with?”

Wendell Moore on his style of play

“The big thing for me is being versatile. I’m really someone who can do anything on the floor, whether it is defend, score, make others better or get them involved. That’s really everything that needs to be done.”

Joey Baker on learning from guarding Cam Reddish and R.J. Barrett last season

“Those are two lottery picks. To practice against them every day, you’re either going to get destroyed or fight and figure it out. That’s what I did. I think as the season went on, I got a whole lot better. Guarding other people isn’t as bad as guarding R.J. and Cam.”

Mike Krzyzewski on Matthew Hurt’s defensive prowess

“Defensively, Matthew’s ahead of [all the other freshmen]. He can guard the perimeter and bigs and he really has great concentration on defense already.”

Mike Krzyzewski on Tre Jones’ new role as a primary scorer

“I don’t think he was reluctant to shoot, I think he overpassed last year…I want him to produce scores, whether he’s passing them or not. He’s become a really good layup-maker. If you’re going to be a really good point guard, then you have to make layups, and so much of it is having that balance...and different angles…. If we’re going to be really good, he has to be really good.”

Alex O’Connell on gaining 10-15 pounds this offseason

“With strength comes confidence, so I’m excited to just be more aggressive and really open up my game a little bit more and do more of the stuff I know I’m capable of doing.”

Javin DeLaurier on carrying the momentum of his late-season success 

“I really started playing my best basketball at the end of last year, kind of found my flavor a little bit...take advantage of the summer, with the draft process, just another big thing that really helped me out individually as a player. I try to take all of that and come back into this year and be a consistent double-double guy.”

Justin Robinson on acting as a mentor for the team’s younger players

“Mentoring them is my main role. I know I’ve been around, I’ve done this four times already. I know the drill, I know what to do. I’m taking pride in that as one of my main roles, to be able to guide them, get them to perform as well as possible.”


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