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Letter: Why is the Duke Blue Devil still white?

letter to the editor

<p>There is a lot of excitement surrounding the Duke football team right now.</p>

There is a lot of excitement surrounding the Duke football team right now.

I applaud the measures that Duke is taking to explore blatant and hidden racism, bring light onto these issues and strongly move away from its segregated past. 

One notable and highly visible element remains: The Duke Blue Devil is white. Or, a pinkish version of white.

If we were true to the original idea, it (I assume devils have no gender, whether they wear Prada or not) should be blue.

If aligned with today's multi-racial and non-discriminatory views, I imagine the global mixture of all existing skin colors would be a darker hue than the current pinkish Blue Devil... it certainly should reflect that the global population has a range of ethnicities and regional groups, including Han Chinese/Asian, European/Caucasian, African, Middle Eastern, Native Peoples (Americas and Oceania) and others that I have surely forgotten. A true rainbow.

Were we to try to mix other human ethnic qualities into the Blue Devil, the pointy ears must surely go! I have no idea what color would remain, but not pinky white.

I'm not advocating we get rid of the trident, tail or ears, but surely we have outgrown that pinkish complexion. Besides, what kind of hellfire burn protection would be needed? Thoughts only.

Lin Giralt, T'77

Lin Giralt graduated with the class of 1977. He is a Director with Lamda International Consulting.


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