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Letter: 'Untitled 1' wasn't the first painting to ruffle feathers

letter to the editor

I read with interest your story on the removal of "Untitled 1."  It made me recall a situation during my tenure as Business Manager of the Chronicle in 1966-67.  A new art exhibit on campus included a painting of an abstract, but anatomically correct, female nude. The Duke administration quickly removed the painting, but not before an alert Chronicle photographer captured the image. Of course Editor Dave Birkhead ran it on the front page of the next issue. I was called to the office of the Dean of Students and informed that the Durham ladies who ran the Addressograph machines had refused to process this issue for mailing to our paid subscribers, because of this "obscenity."

Ah, the trials and tribulations of a Chronicle Business Manager.

Bill Ackerman graduated with the Class of 1967.


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