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The Chomicle's best headlines of 2019

Chomicle Graphics | GoTriangle
Chomicle Graphics | GoTriangle

In honor of April Fools' Day, The Chomicle is looking back at its best headlines from this year.

First-years to be housed in Marketplace during dorm renovations

Battle of the Pods: Air pods defeat Juul pods for NCAA championship title

Local pre-med tired

New light rail route to run smack-dab through Allen Building

Duke researchers discover the existence of a Core Four

HRL accidentally assigns itself to Craven basement

Duke ranked no. 2 in nation for campus squirrels

Student who always asks questions in class spotted at Il Forno

‘It’s gonna be so lit’: Duke Gardens plans special 4/20 event

Price announces new capital campaign for campus grass

Study: Red Bull is frat coffee

Men’s basketball announces shift to Skechers’ Shape-ups

Researchers build time machine: 300 Swift balconies still off-limits in year 3019

DUSDAC adds personal hibachi chef to Merchants on Points

Shocking: Chomicle staff actually make funny joke

Editor's note: Happy April Fools' Day! In case it wasn't clear, this is a satirical article for "The Chomicle." Check out more Chomicle content here.

Rider app says closest C1 is in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean, arriving in 234832490832409823 minutes

New York Philharmonic to headline LDOC

The Chomicle is suspended pending a hazing investigation

Nugget eats Peaches

Gusteau's restaurant to open in Ruby, headed by Chef Alfredo Linguini


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