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Gusteau's restaurant to open in Ruby, headed by Chef Alfredo Linguini

Connoisseurs of fine art and fine dining rejoice. 

This fall, the Rubenstein Arts Center will be welcoming an upscale dining experience to take the place of the Ruby lounge. The restaurant, to be named Gusteau's, will offer a prix fixe five-course menu. The offerings will include traditional French fare, featuring fresh ratatouille. 

“With the Rubenstein, we wanted to create a space where the arts would be celebrated,” said Auguste Gusteau, the restaurant owner. “What better way to celebrate the arts than by instituting art’s purest form—culinary art."

President Vincént Prix worked alongside Gusteau to imagine the new restaurant in the Rubenstein. The pair cited the Ruby lounge as the most useless room in the building, and converting the space was the obvious choice for this project.  

“One day I thought, the Ruby is the purported 'home of the arts' at Duke. But where's the culinary art?” Prix said.

Chef Alfredo Linguini will be taking time away from his flagship restaurant, La Ratatouille, to head Gusteau's kitchen. Linguini specializes in modern French cuisine.

“When I was offered the position of head chef at Gusteau's, I was beside myself with delight.” Linguini said. “I don’t really know how to cook, but how hard can it really be?”

Gusteau was skeptical of Linguini's qualifications at first, but ultimately concluded that Linguini was his only option.

“Anyone can cook,” Gusteau said, looking at Linguini's chef hat.

The best of the best are already dying to dine at Gusteau's. Some of the restaurant’s first patrons will include Gordan Ramsey, Wolfgang Puck and Guy Fieri. In the wake of losing food point privileges at the Washington Duke, some students eagerly await the arrival of the high-end eatery. 

“Good food has always been a passion of mine. Without the WaDuke next year, that doesn’t leave many options,” a first-year said. "If you are what you eat, then I only want to eat the good stuff."

Food points will be accepted on alternating Mondays.

Editor's note: Happy April Fools' Day! In case it wasn't clear, this is a satirical article for "The Chomicle." Check out more Chomicle content here.


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