Meet the candidates running for class council and DSG Senate, vice presidents

The Chronicle has been provided with the candidates for Duke Student Government's vice president and senator positions, as well as class council, by Attorney General John Markis, who is also a staff reporter for The Chronicle. Each class gets to elect two senators for each committee, and only one person can hold each class council position. 

Elections will be held from this Thursday, April 4 at noon to April 5 at noon. Students can vote online.

Sophomore class president: Max Miller

Vice president for academic affairs: junior Manish Kumar

Sophomore senator for academic affairs: Jackson Kennedy

Senior senator for academic affairs: Shreya Bhatia

Vice president for Durham and regional affairs: sophomore Valeria Silombria

Sophomore senator for Durham and regional affairs: Ava Changnon

Vice president for services and sustainability: sophomore Kaitlyn Boncaro and sophomore Steven Herrera

Sophomore senator for services and sustainability: Dan Garcia, Dan Hepworth and Zac Johnson

Vice president for equity and outreach: junior Ivan Robles

Sophomore senator for equity and outreach: Nehal Jain, Tori Pinedo and Christina Wang

Vice president for campus life: sophomore Tommy Hessel

Sophomore senator for campus life: Gianna Affi, Vignesh Alagappan, Sophie Dalldorf, Ramya Ginjupalli, Merrill O'Shaughnessy, Eden Schumer and DonoVaughn Tulloch

There are currently no candidates on the ballot for junior or senior class presidents. Students may elect classmates through a write-in option on the ballot. 


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