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Nugget eats Peaches

‘You’re next, Mamabean,’ the dog said

Nugget has prevailed over Peaches.

In a post to the Facebook group "Caretakers of Peaches (The Calico Cat)" Monday morning, a student confirmed that Peaches has been eaten. The student wrote that she heard meowing from Nugget’s stomach early this morning. Nugget, the dog, confirmed to The Chomicle that she ate Peaches, the cat.

“There’s only room for one animal named after food on this campus,” Nugget barked.

Witnesses said that Nugget swallowed Peaches in one gulp. When students looked inside Nugget’s mouth, they found Peaches peering out.

“Meow,” Peaches said.

Students quickly tried to remove Peaches, but she would not come out. One student remarked that she looked rather cozy inside Nugget.

Nugget, a pup beloved by students on campus, confirmed to The Chomicle that she ate Peaches.

Students took Nugget to the veterinarian to get Peaches removed. After a few yanks, Peaches was freed.

“Congrats, it’s a cat!” the vet exclaimed.

Editor's note: Happy April Fools' Day! In case it wasn't clear, this is a satirical article for "The Chomicle." Check out more Chomicle content here.