Podcast: Tales of Blue Devil love and what makes romance riveting

Blueprint podcast logo
Blueprint podcast logo

Welcome to Blueprint, a podcast that brings you a sketch of life at Duke University. Episode one is about romance.

Wherever I go, I listen to the conversations around me. That’s eavesdropping, I know, but there is nothing more exhilarating than hearing a comment that makes me think, “what kind of life is this person living?” 

I wanted to capture all of the stories that make up this campus. Blueprint is the product. Blueprint is a podcast where we bring you sketches of Duke life, woven together by a common theme. 

This month, we’ve collected stories about love. 

First, a urologist and gynecologist in love. Second, quicksand and a couple there for each other since the beginning. Third, romance that will go the distance. Fourth, flowers delivered to a boyfriend in Paris. And throughout, two romance novelist professors discuss the genre.  

We hope that you enjoy the first episode. You can listen on iTunes, Spotify or SoundCloud.

- Isabelle Doan, news editor


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