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Jake Satisky elected editor-in-chief for Chronicle V. 115

Sophomore Jake Satisky will serve as the editor-in-chief of The Chronicle’s 115th volume.

In a staff-wide election Friday evening, members of The Chronicle chose Satisky to follow junior Bre Bradham as editor and president of the Duke Student Publishing Company, Inc., the publisher of the independent, student-run daily newspaper.

Satisky will begin his one-year tenure as editor-in-chief April 24. The Raleigh, N.C., native currently heads the university news department and is majoring in public policy with a minor in computer science. He was previously a staff reporter in the university news department. 

Satisky said he plans to diversify The Chronicle's coverage in a digital era.

“I will focus on innovating our content and engaging with our readers in new ways,” Satisky said. “As we continue moving into a digital sphere, we should think of ourselves as more than just a traditional newspaper.”

Aiming to expand the types of content, Satisky added that he wants to include different forms of media like video and more feature stories in The Chronicle.

“I want to focus on the untold stories at Duke, and I want to revitalize Towerview, our news magazine,” he said. 

Satisky noted that he also wants to expand The Chronicle's series of podcasts.

Bradham emphasized Satisky’s dedication to The Chronicle.

“He has a great vision for what The Chronicle should look like as a digitally driven news organization and for the type of community he wants to build here," Bradham said.

She added that he has been a "great reporter and editor" who has consistently taken on challenging stories and been a mentor to new writers.

News Editor Isabelle Doan, a junior, said she watched Satisky develop as a journalist since his first year at Duke.

“I think Jake is the kind of outgoing person who will breathe new life into this office,” Doan said. “I’ve known him since the beginning of his first year at Duke, and I think he has grown into a great journalist.”

Doan added that Satisky has a good plan for streamlining the news department editing process. 

Junior Lexi Kadis, who currently serves as a senior editor and is also from Raleigh, N.C., knew Satisky before he came to Duke.

“From the moment he joined The Chronicle, Jake worked really hard to get to know the staff,” Kadis said. “Having good relationships with the people he works with will benefit him greatly during his tenure as editor.”

Kadis said that she thinks Satisky's interpersonal skills will help him lead the various departments of the paper.

Junior Winston Lindqwister, sports managing editor, said he thinks Jake will be a great leader next year.

"He's always taking great interest in everything going on, so I look forward to working with Jake in a sports setting or just seeing him in the office on print nights," he said. "I can't think of a better person to take up the mantle after Bre."

One of Satisky’s goals for next year is to reach out to the “untapped talent of Duke” to get more students involved with The Chronicle.

“I want to really expand recruiting and bring people into The Chronicle who didn’t think that The Chronicle was the best outlet for their skill sets and give them the keys to thrive,” Satisky said.


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