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Barack Obama may be coming to Cameron—to root for the Tar Heels?

<p>Former U.S. President Barack Obama may be one of the celebrities visiting Cameron Indoor for Wednesday's Duke-North Carolina game.</p>

Former U.S. President Barack Obama may be one of the celebrities visiting Cameron Indoor for Wednesday's Duke-North Carolina game.

With the rumors circulating around about former POTUS Barack Obama making an appearance tomorrow night for Duke’s big rivalry game against North Carolina, it is of importance that we understand Obama’s allegiance likely will not be with the Blue Devils but may in fact be with the destined for hell Tar Heels.

Obama has never been shy about his love for basketball, which most Duke students can relate to. However, what we can’t agree on is which blue is best. 

In this video, Barack Obama explain why he chooses North Carolina to win it all on his 2012 bracket, leaving Duke behind in the regional semifinals. To be fair, Obama wasn’t wrong about the Blue Devils, as they were eliminated in the first round of the tournament. Was Obama just being an objective basketball fan? Let’s look at more receipts.

As he recites his speech about North Carolina’s 2009 NCAA championship as they visit the White House, President Obama spends 15 seconds too long gushing over coach Roy Williams, a sure sign of loyalty to the man who puts salt in his orange juice.

This video provides more evidence of Obama’s North Carolina ties, as he is seen scrimmaging with the Tar Heels. Most likely starstruck by the future G-league superstars and confused as to why they weren't in class all day long, Obama had a rough outing. His stat line—0-for-1 on a layup and a turnover in which he didn’t even get back on defense—were glimpses of what the rest of North Carolina will look like come Wednesday night.

While his loyalty may lie with the Tar Heels, President Obama does have some connections to the Duke program. Former Blue Devil basketball captain Reggie Love served as Obama's personal aide, and the 2001 national champion certainly convinced his boss of the merits of Duke blue.

While Obama learned to appreciate the Blue Devils from Love, the 44th President of the United States seemingly has staked his flag of alliance on the opposite side of Tobacco Road. While his expected attendance is exciting and would be a huge moment in the history of Duke basketball, if Obama does show support towards Luke Maye and Co. I hope #mypresident flies home on his private jet with a sinking feeling in his chest, knowing that he traveled all the way to Durham to see his Tar Heels get crushed in front of Coach K’s Crazies.