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2019 Chron15 Leader: Ryan Bergamini

The main characteristic that makes Ryan a leader is his commitment to community. 

Throughout my time here at Duke, I’ve witnessed Ryan brainstorm and follow through with multiple creative ideas to improve the Duke community.  For example, he recently created the Duke Student Group, an initiative dedicated to forming positive relationships between tenters and line monitors in K-Ville and building a more inclusive Duke Basketball community. Similarly, I’ve even seen Ryan bring together diverse crowds of people–who otherwise would never cross paths–around something as simple as street hockey on a Saturday. 

What makes all of this possible is Ryan’s extroverted personality and his ability to galvanize people into taking action on an issue. Something about Ryan’s energetic nature makes him a natural leader that many people feel more than comfortable getting behind.

Malcolm Brown is a Trinity senior.

Editor's note: This profile is part of our annual initiative called The Chron15. We are highlighting 15 people and groups who are defining what it means to be at Duke this year. Read about the project and more of our selections.


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