Students craving a Filipino food option on campus may be in luck next year.

The Duke University Student Dining Advisory Committee taste-tested The Bamboo Cookhouse as part of its search for Duke’s 2019-2020 food truck rotation. The Durham-based food truck has been serving Filipino cuisine to North Carolina residents for only a year and a half, but it has already been named one of the News & Observer’s 26 best food trucks for 2018. 

The truck’s operators, Tim and Madz Igelman, told DUSDAC that they decided to start The Bamboo Cookhouse after moving from Chicago to the Triangle and noticing a distinct lack of Filipino food. 

“We’re just trying to spread the Filipino cuisine,” Madz Igelman said. 

The taste test comes a week after Dining said it plans to discontinue food trucks being used on West Campus. Currently, food trucks park near the Student Wellness Center in the Kilgo Lot and at 300 Swift. 

DUSDAC members first tried a sampling of their signature dishes, which included Filipino empanadas, shrimp chips and spring rolls. Their most popular dish is sisig, consisting of chopped pork, diced vegetables and a scoop of rice. 

They then asked the Igelmans questions about their truck. The Igelmans confirmed that they use eco-friendly containers, change items on their menu seasonally and offer vegetarian, vegan and gluten-free options. They also talked about their quick service.

“By the time I’m done talking to the customer and swipe their card, the food is right there,” Tim Igelman noted.

DUSDAC seemed to enjoy The Bamboo Cookhouse’s dishes.

“I liked it a lot,” junior Maddie Manning said. “I wish I was as passionate about the things that I do.”

In other business

First-years reported on updates from Marketplace. First-year Alec Goodman said that the first-year dining hall plans to consistently hold “Fiesta Fridays” with Hispanic dining options such as burritos, bowls and empanadas. Marketplace also wants to serve Impossible burgers, which are plant-based hamburgers designed to mimic the taste and texture of normal beef patties.

Senior Anna-Karin Hess discussed how students have been complaining about the lack of groceries or healthy options at 300 Swift. Robert Coffey, director of dining services, was supportive of student feedback on changes to the 300 Swift food options, and he believed grocery sellers would be too. 

“If there’s something else that would sell better, I’m sure they’d love to carry it,” he said.