As students at Duke, we are asked to read many books. Sometimes, it can take the fun out of reading. 

Last month, Chronicle Recess writer Joel Kohen asked his peers what ever happened to leisurely reading. Are Duke students just too busy to read for fun, at least while they're on campus?

I'm not sure. The last time I read something that wasn't assigned for class was over the summer, like many of the students Kohen interviewed. But, to say I don't have any free time to pick up a book is also not true. 

As I was considering these ideas, a reader submitted a Chronquiry to us asking "What are Duke students' favorite non-assigned reading?" Other readers voted to have us investigate this question over other questions. 

It seems that non-assigned reading is on a lot of our minds! But a list of recommendations by Chronicle readers for Chronicle readers could help us get reacquainted with reading for fun. So, we're asking you to submit your favorite non-assigned book here: