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An open letter to President Price on the Kavanaugh hearings

Duke Law School | Kavanaugh, right, at a 2011 Duke Law event
Duke Law School | Kavanaugh, right, at a 2011 Duke Law event

An Open Letter to President Price:

I am writing you this letter as an alumna of Duke, a proponent of safe universities for women, a classmate and a colleague to highlight the problem of sexual assaults being covered up and blindly allowed on our university campuses across our country. 

In the midst of the Kavanaugh hearing, I am ashamed of Duke’s lack of response, embarrassed by its administrators for knowingly keeping this campus trend quiet and liken them to the Catholic Church conspirators whom continue to keep the atrocity of rape silent! For far too long, women have had to stand by as silent victims while the men in charge systematically allowed the male sexual predators whom they call "valued colleagues" to continue to prey, drug, stalk, imprison, enslave, objectify and commodify women!

This is no longer a battle against our attackers! This is a battle against all the men who have sat by quietly and allowed this injustice to continue. This is about all the CEOs, university presidents, administrators, companies, priests and pastors who lead any place that proclaims to have equitable treatment. We know by history that equitable treatment only applies to men. These places of higher education, corporations, fraternities and places of worship have systematically fooled women to believe that these institutions which were supposed to be there to stand up for women's human rights have instead chosen to remained silent on the continued annihilation of the female gender.

How can I stand by any male-dominated institution when the very men of who govern, manage and operate the largest institutions with a global reach stand by and allow this fanatical faction of Republicans to psychologically pontificate their bigotry and hatred in the name of religion? There are too many good men, accomplished men and principled men who by choice remain silent and thus are responsible for allowing this systematic depredation of women to continue for generations. We didn’t get to a multi-billion dollar sex trade industry over night; it was systematically allowed by you, the silent majority of men.

And yes, please share with your colleagues.

Hope White

Hope White is a Fuqua alumna, MBA '95.


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