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Recess picks: 10 ways to wait out Hurricane Florence

Stuck inside during Hurricane Florence? Whether you're in the mood for binge-watching a TV series, settling in for a movie or discovering new music to listen to, Recess has you covered. Just make sure to pre-download in case of power outages! 

"The Staircase"

This documentary series recently released on Netflix follows the trial of Michael Peterson, a man accused of killing his wife. Peterson was a Duke alum and the former Chronicle editor. Use the hurricane to brush up on one of Durham's most famous trials ever. Christy Kuesel, Recess editor, senior

"The Office"

If you haven't seen it already, now's the perfect time to catch up with the rest of us. "The Office" will provide a great distraction from the storm, as you lose yourself in the world of a paper company's dysfunctional employees. Alyssa Wilson, contributing writer, first-year

"The Mist"

If the stormy weather outside has put you in the mood for horror, there's no film more thematically suited for overcast skies and torrential rain than the stylish, unsettling 2007 film "The Mist." Sydny Long, student life editor, sophomore


At nine and a half hours, this legendary holocaust film is no light entertainment. Then again, when would you have another opportunity to watch it? So, make the most of your hurricane-induced free time and devour director Claude Lanzmann’s masterpiece that chronicles the destruction of the European Jews in chilling detail. Its grey palette and the blend of languages and accents in the testimonies make for an experience that is hard to digest, yet unforgettable. Joel Kohen, contributing writer, junior


If you're not already anxious enough, check out Jean-Luc Godard’s dystopian noir, “Alphaville,” and ponder what life could become if Florence were to wipe out civilization, or at least, North Carolina. In its postmodern dilemma, Alphaville is a fully realized Orwellian society in which free thought is restricted and controlled by the supercomputer, Alpha 60. But don’t worry, in its 99 minutes, “Alphaville” provides much more than the classic stand-off between man and computer. Sarah Derris, managing editor, sophomore

Vashti Bunyan, "Come Wind, Come Rain"

With its talk of muddy boots and armfuls of hay, this characteristically bucolic track from Bunyan might be better suited for after the storm has passed. But for these two minutes, it's hard not to feel a bit of optimism — no matter what happens. Will Atkinson, culture editor, junior

Led Zeppelin, "Fool In The Rain"

“Fool In The Rain” is the perfect song for all the hopeless romantics at Duke as they wait out the upcoming storm. Kerry Rork, contributing writer, first-year 

Alkaline Trio, "Is This Thing Cursed?" 

Alkaline Trio released their ninth — that's right, ninth — studio album, "Is This Thing Cursed?" Aug. 31. Amidst the hustle and bustle that necessarily accompanies the start of the semester, it seems likely that others, like myself, haven't yet had a chance to listen. Luckily, Florence is giving us plenty of time to sit down with these 13 new tracks. Given that it's been five years since their last studio release, "My Shame is True," I have pretty high hopes. If this album ranks higher than 2010's "This Addiction," in my personal categorization of their discography, I'll consider it a success. Lexi Bateman, design editor, senior

Luke Combs, "Hurricane"

This debut single by country singer Luke Combs was released in 2016 and tells the story of an ex-girlfriend, comparing her to a hurricane. Selena Qian, features editor, sophomore

Anything ABBA

You'll be too busy jamming to look outside. Jessica Williams, media production editor, senior