The NCAA announced that undrafted college basketball players may return to school in the future as part of a series of rule changes made public Wednesday. 

According to the new rule, which would become effective if the NBA and its players association make an "expected rule change," those undrafted that participate in the NBA combine and request an Undergraduate Advisory Committee evaluation may return to school. Under the proposed rule change, they would have to declare their intent by 5 p.m. the Monday following the NBA Draft. 

Later Wednesday afternoon, Duke Vice President and Director of Athletics Kevin White shared his thoughts on the changes in a statement.

“These changes represent the first steps in addressing some of the biggest challenges facing college basketball," White said. "To be sure, we support the NCAA’s commitment to keeping the well-being of the student-athlete at the center of attention. Now, we have to carefully assess the impact of these changes on our institutions and engage in a dialogue with the NCAA on the best way to meet our shared goals. 

"Operationalizing the ideals that led to today’s adopted measures becomes our next major challenge.”

One notable player that may have fallen under this rule this year had it been in place is Trevon Duval, who went undrafted when he declared for the NBA Draft after just one season at Duke. 

Other potential changes include allowing agents to represent active college players and pay for expenses like meals and transportation for players and families "if the expenses are related to the agent selection process" and allowing rising high school seniors to be represented by an agent. The latter would become effective if the NBA and its players‘ association allow high school students to enter the draft.

"This is another step that is critical to the future success and integrity of college basketball. It’s important to be mindful that we won’t reach perfection; however, we can’t let that stand in the way of significant progress," ACC Commissioner John Swofford wrote in a statement. "I’m sure there will be unintended consequences as we move forward, and we’ll need to evaluate and perhaps make adjustments along the way, but these are necessary actions that should enhance the culture within the sport.”