Editor's note: This story is the tenth entry in a series called Flashback, which The Chronicle will be running online weekly through the end of the summer. We welcome readers' input about old stories they would like to see featured. 

Want to sound like a Blue Devil? Get familiar with these words first. 

On July 26, 1984, The Chronicle published a list of Duke lingo for incoming first-years to learn. From the Bryan Center to rush, the dictionary featured 33 terms that students should know—including campus buildings, local bars and acronyms.

“With the move to college fast approaching, incoming freshmen must wonder about life at Duke," The Chronicle wrote. "Knowing some of the phrases common in conversation and some of the places to go is a necessity to quickly blending into the diverse Duke community.” 

This flashback article highlights five must-know Duke words from the 1984 list that are still around today.

1. Blow off

The Chronicle defined "blowing off" as “the act of ignoring your studies," listing examples such as eating pizza, partying, sleeping and “calling your hometown sweetie.” Synonyms included "study break."

2. Buses

“East is east, and West is west, and never the twain shall meet. Except, of course, through your friendly neighborhood DU buses,” The Chronicle noted.

The Duke University bus system connects East and West Campus. But The Chronicle also cautioned new students about traveling during class hours when “you may have to fight the crowd” to get on the bus.

3. FAC

FAC—pronounced “fack”—stood for freshman advisory council. A FAC is an upperclassman student who introduces freshmen to the ins and outs of Duke life. According to The Chronicle, “Your FAC might be the best thing about Duke in your first few weeks.” 

4. Nerd

Often found inside the library, "nerds" are “those who study at all times, turning down all opportunities to blow off.” The word “nerd” can also be used as a verb, The Chronicle explained.

“They come in all shapes and sizes and might end up a roommate or best friend,” The Chronicle added.

5. Wallace Wade

Wallace Wade is “the place to be for football games, but, even more, the place to be for suntanning,” The Chronicle wrote, “The bleachers provide ray reflection.”