Anti-Semitic posters were reported near East Campus Tuesday afternoon.

The Chronicle found one poster upside down on the Main St. sidewalk in front of East Campus, and another was taped to the East Campus wall. 

Gavin Yamey, professor of the practice of global health and public policy, alerted Duke’s campus rabbi and other authorities after his brother, who was visiting from London, found the posters all along Main Street across from Brightleaf Square, past East Campus and toward Ninth Street.

“These are obviously deeply disturbing and frightening to say the least,” Yamey said. “They include the image of a gun pointing to what is clearly a Jewish person—a grotesque stereotype of a Jew with a hooked nose and yarmulke—and so I take these very seriously.”

Yamey said he and his brother were "deeply offended and really quite frightened."

“It’s not subtle—it’s violent anti-Semitic imagery, so I take this obviously very seriously," Yamey said.

Keith Lawrence, executive director of news and communications for Duke, said that the Duke University Police Department has been alerted and is working with the Durham Police Department on the incident. 

The Durham Herald-Sun reported that white nationalist and anti-Semitic posters and stickers were removed from downtown Durham on Monday.

Check back for updates.

Editor's note: This article was updated Tuesday afternoon to include Lawrence's comment and additional information from Yamey.

Ben Leonard
This poster was taped to the East Campus Wall.

Bre Bradham
This poster was found upside down on the Main St. sidewalk in front of East Campus.