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Meet the DSG, class council leaders for 2018-2019

Undergraduates selected next year's class council presidents and vice presidents and Duke Student Government committee vice presidents and senators Thursday and Friday.

This year, 1,544 students or approximately 23 percent of the student body participated in the voting process, approximately the same percentage as last year.

Here are the winners:

  • Senior class president: Amulya Vadapalli
  • Sophomore class president: Shreyas Gupta
  • Sophomore class vice president: Eric Little
  • Vice president for academic affairs: Sophomore Saheel Chodavadia
  • Senior senator for academic affairs: Sean Bissell
  • Junior senator for academic affairs: Beepul Bharti, Manish Kumar
  • Sophomore senator for academic affairs: Dalia Dichter, Jake Satisky
  • Vice president of campus life: Sophomore Sanya Kochhar
  • Junior senator for campus life: Avery Boltwood, Divya Juneja
  • Sophomore senator for campus life: Brennan Halkidis, Tommy Hessel
  • Vice president for Durham and regional affairs: Sophomore Uwa Ihionkhan
  • Sophomore senator for Durham and regional affairs: Alyson Diaz, Jake Sheridan
  • Vice president for equity and outreach: Sophomore Daisy Almonte
  • Sophomore senator for equity and outreach: Maya King, Jia Jia Shen
  • Vice president for services and sustainability: Sophomore Liv McKinney
  • Sophomore senator for services and sustainability: Steven Herrera, Noor Sandhu

Editor's Note: This article was updated with corrected turnout information from the previous elections.


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