Duke Student Government and class council elections will begin April 5 at 12 p.m. and end April 6 at 12 p.m. Changes to the DSG constitution will also appear on the ballot. The Chronicle has a compiled a list of the 35 candidates.

Senior class president: Amulya Vadapalli

Sophomore class president: Shreyas Gupta and Tyler Long

Sophomore class vice president: Eric Little

Vice president for academic affairs: Junior Madden Osei, sophomores Shreya Bhatia and Saheel Chodavadia

Senior senator for academic affairs: Sean Bissell

Junior senator for academic affairs: Beepul Bharti and Manish Kumar

Sophomore senator for academic affairs: Dalia Dichter and Jake Satisky

Vice president for campus life: Junior Michael Gulcicek and sophomore Sanya Kochhar

Junior senator for campus life: Avery Boltwood and Divya Juneja

Sophomore senator for campus life: Lizzie Bond, Brennan Halkidis, Tommy Hessel, Anish Kottu and Theresa Nardone

Vice president for Durham and regional affairs: Sophomores Axel Herrera Ramos and Uwa Ihionkhan

Sophomore senator for Durham and regional affairs: Alyson Diaz, John Honeycutt and Jake Sheridan

Vice president for equity and outreach: Sophomore Daisy Almonte

Sophomore senator for equity and outreach: Maya King, Abby Kingsley, Zach Rene and Jia Jia Shen

Vice President of services and sustainability: Sophomore Liv McKinney and first-year Rebecca Torrence

Sophomore senator of services and sustainability: First-years Steven Herrera and Noor Sandhu