Duke accepts record-low 6.4 percent of regular decision applicants

Duke accepted 2,123 high school seniors regular decision this year, the University announced Thursday.

The University received its highest number of applicants this year, with more than 37,302 students applying for admission. Almost 33,300 applied regular decision, and 6.4 percent were accepted—a record-low acceptance rate. Another 99 students who applied early decision—but were deferred—have now been admitted as well.

“My staff and I have been so impressed by the students who applied to Duke this year,” said Christoph Guttentag, dean of undergraduate admissions, in a Duke Today release. “We expected that they would be academically talented and accomplished in their activities; what struck us most was how engaged they are in the process of learning and how committed they are to their communities.”

This year's overall acceptance rate is 8.3 percent. Last year, the University's regular decision acceptance rate was 7.3 percent and the overall acceptance rate was 9.2 percent.

The admission rate for early decision this year was 21.4 percent, which was the most selective early decision process in Duke's history. A record number of 4,090 students applied early decision to make up about half of the Class of 2022. Last year, 3,516 students applied early decision, and 861 were admitted—an acceptance rate of 24.5 percent.

Regular decision students are invited for Blue Devil Days, which will be held this year later in April. For the first time, Duke hosted a one-day Blue Devil Days program in mid-February for students admitted during the Early Decision process.

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Correction: This article was updated to reflect that Blue Devil Days will be held on dates unspecified later in April, not necessarily April 19-20 and April 22-23.


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