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Letter to the editor

This week, LGBTQIA+ Duke Divinity School students and allies spoke out against the constant marginalization and oppression they face at the hands of the Divinity School’s administration. 

Blue Devils United extends its complete support to the protesters and the Divinity School’s queer community at large. We urge the Divinity School, and all other schools, to meet their demands and stop tokenizing its queer-identifying students and begin to treat their students as full members of the theological community: valuing their well-being and giving them access to scholars who identify as they do. Moreover, we want spaces to be created for these voices to express themselves, moving away from the respectability politics that have been used to silence their voices to this point. 

No school at Duke can nor should claim to be offering a world class education until it has institutionalized support for all of its students. Once again, we at Blue Devils United extend our full and complete support to protestors and queer folk in the Divinity School, and strongly urge the Divinity School administrators to meet all demands offered up to this point, and in the future. 

Be United,

Blue Devils United Executive Board


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