The Jewish Student Union is excited to endorse Kristina Smith for DSG President. We believe that her well-constructed platform and strong, intimate relationship with both the student body and the issues affecting the student body made her stand out the most amongst her very impressive competitors. 

Of all the candidates, Kristina demonstrated the clearest, most impressive platform that could be backed by work she has already done in office as the VP of Services and Sustainability. We believe her three-pronged approach of affordability and accessibility, broadened outreach, and challenging campus culture covered the widest range of issues students face, and we feel this approach will allow Kristina to achieve the most as President. Furthermore, while other candidates likewise had great ideas for what they would like to accomplish as president, we felt that Kristina’s track record of what she has already accomplished spoke the loudest and proved to us that she is a vital instrument for change on our campus. We were most impressed with her creation of the Daily Devil Deals program, providing financially friendly options for students on campus, and her banning the Language building as an on campus meeting space for organizations to allow those organizations to be more inclusive of disabled students. 

Kristina further impressed us through her established, close relationship with the Duke student body. Many of the projects she has pursued during her tenure have been a result of her directly speaking with a diverse variety of students on campus and attempting to tackle the specific challenges those students face. Through this strategy, she has managed to address issues represented by students across our campus. Lastly, we believe that her leadership within the Internal Affairs Diversity Working Group, Center for Race Relations, and Common Ground provide Kristina with the best tools to tackle the issue of diversity and inclusion on our campus. We are proud to support Kristina Smith for DSG President!

Samuel Honig, JSU President