Duke Engineering Student Government endorses Sabriyya Pate for DSG President

Duke Engineering Student Government formally endorses Sabriyya Pate for DSG president. All five candidates (Sabriyya Pate, Sean Bissell, Kristina Smith, Jamal Burns and Yemi Kolawole) have impressive backgrounds and demonstrate a thorough understanding of Duke issues. Having met and interviewed each candidate, the executive board collectively believes that Sabriyya’s experience as Attorney General, track record of executing her words, and eagerness to engage with Pratt students makes her ESG’s ideal candidate for DSG President.

As DSG Attorney General and having spearheaded many campus initiatives, Sabriyya has interacted with all branches of DSG. As such, she understands the steps needed to effectively carry out the presidency. She is dedicated to her job and has even gone beyond her role requirements to make changes she felt were necessary. 

In addition, Sabriyya’s dedication as an RA is a testament to her drive to create an inclusive community, and more importantly, her ability to listen to her peers and incorporate feedback in her policies. She is a model RA who has created and executed many events, such as Kilgo Rush, with the goal of looking out for her residents and independent students as a whole. Engineering students are often left out of the larger discussion of school issues, and Sabriyya’s dedication to hearing and reaching out to all corners of campus indicates that Pratt students will be more involved in the future. Her experience working with HRL will also be valuable in the upcoming Duke housing reform. 

Further, Sabriyya’s intentionality stands out amongst the candidates. Even though she is not an engineer, Sabriyya has expressed deep interest in outreach efforts to learn about the Pratt community and curriculum. Her views on engineering a better world and how Pratt can work to solve issues in her root country of Nigeria are extremely perceptive and align with Pratt’s values. She was also the only candidate to address the critical need of integrating and teaching technological competency in Duke’s curriculum to prepare students for competing in a technologically advancing world.

Sabriyya’s background and willingness to work with ESG shows her commitment to making Pratt a better place. As an organization dedicated to supporting the Pratt undergraduate student body, we hope that the DSG President will continue to work with us to better the university as a whole. As such, ESG would like to endorse Sabriyya Pate for the upcoming DSG Presidency.

Tracy Lu, 2018 ESG Executive President


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