HackDuke, Duke’s technology club aimed to leverage technology for social impact, is excited to endorse Amy Kramer for Young Trustee. All the candidates we met with were deeply qualified and committed to their passions. We would like to mention that we contacted Liz Brown for a meeting, but was unable to meet with her due to a scheduling conflict.

Amy’s vision for a restructured curriculum that is centered on community, mentorship, and real-world applications to create not only better students at Duke, but also better citizens, strongly resonated with us. Her commitment to providing continued support for low-income students and students with disabilities aligns with HackDuke’s goals in recognizing and creating a space for marginalized students. Amy’s ideas for financial aid reform, increasing representation in leaders at Duke, and making Duke’s campus a more accessible experience for disabled students lead us to strongly believe in Amy’s potential to push the Duke experience towards one that is more inclusive. 

HackDuke trusts that Amy is extremely capable to navigate the conversation around current issues students face, given her experience as a Cadet in the Duke Army ROTC, a Robertson Scholar, a Cohort Executive Officer in the Penny Pilgram George Women’s Leadership Initiative, and defending her research on female leadership in the army at Fort Knox. 

For these reasons, we are honored to endorse Amy Kramer for her candidacy as Young Trustee, and firmly believe that she will initiate positive change that takes into account the diverse needs of Duke students. 


Stephanie Ding and Steven Yang, HackDuke Co-Directors