Duke’s Admissions Office has announced that disciplinary action in response to peaceful protests about gun violence will not be held against applicants.

“Duke has always valued active and responsible engagement in civic life among its students and applicants,” the statement reads. “We will always consider all applicants fully and individually, and every part of the application, including disciplinary sanctions, in the unique context of the applicants themselves and the values of the institution we represent, which include civic and personal responsibility. An applicant’s participation in peaceful protests has never been a reason for us to deny or rescind an offer of admission.”

The University’s statement comes amid a push on social media to list colleges and universities making such assurances to applicants. In the wake of the school shooting in Parkland, Fla., students across the country have participated in class walkouts in support of gun control and school safety legislation. 

In one Texas school district, the superintendent threatened students who participated in a walkout with suspension

Statements from other universities were more emphatic. At Yale, Hannah Mendlowitz, senior assistant director of admissions, wrote in a statement that she supported the students’ protests.

“To the students who have reached out to us with these concerns, we have made clear that they should feel free to participate in walk-out events to bring attention to this issue without fear of repercussion,” Mendlowitz wrote. “Yale will NOT be rescinding anyone’s admission decision for participating in peaceful walkouts for this or other causes, regardless of any high school’s disciplinary policy. I, for one, will be cheering these students on from New Haven.”

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