After meeting with each of the candidates, the Duke Chapter of the National Pan-Hellenic Council is honored to formally endorse Bryce Cracknell for Young Trustee.

We were impressed by how passionate, personable and well-spoken each candidate was, and we proudly recognize that each candidate has their own unique value, voice, and experience. Amy’s commitment to making this university affordable for students from low-income families was quite powerful. We appreciated Chinmay’s passion for mentorship and push for equal representation across academic disciplines. And we certainly share Liz’s deep concern for the Duke-Durham relationship. 

Ultimately, we decided to endorse Bryce Cracknell for a few reasons. Bryce has proven his commitment to preserving spaces for minority students on campus with a successful track record of advocacy against hate, racism and bias. Bryce’s experiences also demonstrate that he is truly invested in his vision for equity and access, and the range of co-curricular experiences that Bryce has—from serving on the Trinity board of visitors to his work on environmental justice—make him uniquely qualified to represent the student body. We truly believe that this University would benefit from Bryce’s ethical leadership. Thus, we proudly endorse Bryce Cracknell for Young Trustee. 


Taylor Ikner, President of the National Pan-Hellenic Council