Duke Partnership for Service, the umbrella organization for service groups on campus, endorses Liz Brown for Young Trustee. After having the opportunity to hear from each of the incredibly accomplished candidates for Young Trustee, dPS executive board believes Liz Brown to be the most qualified candidate.

All four finalists exhibited strong leadership skills and brought to the table extraordinary credentials. However, Liz Brown demonstrated an admirable commitment to the university and the wider Durham community during her time at Duke. She impressed us through her work with the Duke administration on affordable housing in Durham. Moreover, Brown’s extensive involvement in Duke Student Government all four years resulted in the development of a new Durham-themed FOCUS cluster set to begin in Fall 2019. As the Vice President of Durham and Regional Affairs, she has partnered with dPS to expand options for students to work in and around the Durham community. She worked one-on-one with the homeless and transitioning population in Durham while serving as the Co-Coordinator of the Community Empowerment Fund. These experiences provide her the broad perspective necessary for the position of a Young Trustee and we are confident in her ability to bridge the Duke and Durham communities. Moreover, a female voice on the Board is vital, and Liz Brown is the ideal candidate to serve as a representative of the student body and bring a unique perspective to the Board.


Angelina Hwang, dPS Chief of Outreach

dPS President Maya Durvasula recused herself from this decision.