Senior Jackson Skeen is one of this year’s Mitchell Scholars. 

Skeen, a Robertson Scholar, is an English major at Duke and has conducted research on flaws in the United States criminal justice system. For example, he has researched prison conditions in the South during the 19th Century. He is the undergraduate director of the Duke Law School’s Innocence Project and a founding member of the Restorative Justice Working Group. 

The George J. Mitchell Scholarship supports one year of study at a university in Ireland or Northern Ireland. Skeen plans to study criminology and criminal justice at University College Dublin. 

The scholarship, founded by Trina Vargo, founder of the US-Ireland Alliance, is named for Senator George Mitchell, who had an important role in negotiating peace in Northern Ireland. Skeen is one of 12 winners nationwide out of 326 applicants.

Two years ago, then-Senior Wills Rooney won the Mitchell Scholarship.