Last Friday night, a boisterous party lurked beneath the Brodhead Center. As I descended the stairs toward the Devil's Krafthouse, I could already hear the distinct sounds of chewing, laughing, chattering, perfect harmony by a group of a cappella girls and, equally worthy of applaud, off-key singing by non-professionals who are simply enjoying themselves. This party, which occurs every Friday evening, is officially known as “Karaoke at the Krafthouse.”

This Friday night, Sept. 29, the party started with all attention focused on the Duke vs. Miami football game playing on the TV, as people could not focus on singing without knowing the outcome of the game. Despite the disappointing result, the patrons quickly recovered and dove into their most important mission of the night: karaoke. Immediately after the game, it was announced that the theme of the night was “Latino.”

“I sing Latino songs. I only know Latino songs. And I love Latino songs,” said Iang Hernandes, an employee at the Devil’s Krafthouse. “I’m ready to pop onto the stage and sing a few of my favorite Latino songs later.”

Students at the party could not wait to rush to the stage and demonstrate their varying range of Spanish proficiency, regardless of whether they had Latino heritage or not. Of course, there was also a presence of students with Latino background who were happy that they were able to showcase and celebrate their rich, exuberant culture and music.

Students’ favorite Spanish songs included “Felices los 4” by Maluma, “Me Enamoré” by Shakira, “El Amante” by Nicky Jam, “Mi Gente” by J Balvin and Willy William and (surprise!) “Despacito” by Luis Fonsi and Daddy Yankee. Even though students sometimes could not follow the fast rhythm of Spanish songs while still clearly articulating the words, they had fun regardless and were universally received with warm applause and compliments when they came offstage. Meanwhile, free food and beverages such as quesadillas were served, though students also had the option to order other food at the counter and buy drinks at the bar.

Hernandes, who started working at the Devil’s Krafthouse a year ago, has always enjoyed the Friday karaoke nights, whose liveliness inspires even the employees. 

“This event had always been for fun, for singing and for students to have a good time with their friends,” Iang emphasized.

It was senior Maria Luisa Frasson-Nori’s second time at Karaoke at the Krafhouse — and this time, she brought her friend from the University of Virginia. Frasson-Nori is Brazilian and speaks Portuguese, but she knows a little Spanish as well. Before I spoke to her, she had already sung two songs.

“We just decided to get food here and sing,” Frasson-Nori said. “It’s fun!”

Besides Shooters and Devine’s, the Devil’s Krafthouse is a great option for students who want to have an awesome time on Friday night with their friends but dislike the sweaty crowds. Even if you are locked in your dorm or the library by your homework or papers on a Friday night, you can also bring your work to do at the Krafthouse —
as some students did this Friday — to enjoy the company of people, laughter and singing.

The karaoke night at the Krafthouse offers Blue Devils a type of party vibe they think they can only find in nightclubs off-campus. Whether you are someone who has been taking vocal classes since age six or someone who can’t carry a tune, you can always find a stage and a cordial audience on Friday nights at the Krafthouse.