At Wednesday’s Duke Student Government Senate meeting, Luke Farrell, chair of the Student Organization Financing Committee, requested funding for four programs on campus and the approval of two new student groups.

During the meeting, Farrell, a junior, described the role of SOFC as “distribut[ing] student activities fees back to student groups.” This reciprocation enables students to embrace the Duke community with the same amount of energy they put toward the institution, he said. 

Here is a list of the groups and funding allocations the Senate discussed on Wednesday:

"Dating Detox"

The Duke Catholic Center is planning to hold an event Sept. 21 titled "Dating Detox", for which it requested $3,475. A married couple will discuss their relationship experiences to provide advice on how college-aged students should manage love and relationships. The event is open to all students, and, as Farrell joked, “everyone could use some help.”

Mid-Autumn festival

On behalf of the Singapore Students Association, Duke’s Asian identifying groups will collaborate to host the festival Oct. 13th on the Bryan Center Plaza. Farrell explained that the event will provide food and booths for each of the involved groups. Considering that there were 400 attendees last year, SSA estimated that attendance will grow to 450 students this year. Senate's funding will primarily account for the food at the event, as SSA has alternate funding for other large expenses, such as decorations. The group requested and received $5,540 in total.

Consulting workshops

Duke Consulting Club will host workshops Sept. 30 for students seeking consulting jobs. A speaker from a prestigious consulting group will share insider information on how students can bolster their résumés. Senate approved more than $4,000 for the workshops.

Dinner with a local activist

Blue Devils United, a student-run LGBTQ+ organizatin, will host a dinner with a Durham activist. BDU estimates that about 40 undergraduates will attend. The date of the event was not confirmed. BDU asked for $1,620 for the dinner.

“Here” for Students

Hear at Duke connects students through podcasting. Enabling different voices to be heard, the group hosts various workshops and provides audio support to allow students to express themselves and promote open discussion on campus. Because of its promotion of an inclusive environment, DSG unanimously approved the incorporation of this group.

Duke Shotgun

Another potential organization called Duke Shotgun was tabled at the meeting because of a lack of approval from risk management. Once the group receives such approval, the Senate can reintroduce the proposal.

In other business

Senate Pro Tempore Jackson Dellinger, a junior, presented legislation concerning DSG election rules and procedures. Senior Kevin Mutchnick, senator for academic affairs, proposed an amendment to changed all references of the Board of Elections to the Attorney General in Section VII of the legislation, which discusses the certification of petitions, budgets and results of the election. The Senate passed the legislation with Mutchnick's amendment.

Approved last year by DSG, Peer Advising Food Points Initiative—a pilot program that provides free food on campus for first and second year students through their peer advisors—asked for funding for its 18 peer advisors to each receive 200 additional food points. DSG unanimously approved its request. Dellinger referred to PAFPI as a “shining example” of the meaningful change DSG should make on campus.

First-years Devin Mahoney, Anjali Kunapaneni, Joseph Touma, Daniel Kim and Jason McEachin were confirmed as new members of SOFC. These students were notified of their acceptance after an interview round held this past Sunday, which consisted of the top 15 applicants.

Robbie Church, head coach of women's soccer, gave a brief presentation to DSG and encouraged students to attend a game against Virginia Tech Sept. 17 at 2 p.m. in the Koskinen Stadium. The team is currently ranked third in the country with a 7-1 record. 

“Come see us, and you’ll be a soccer fan,” Church said.