Class of 2021 members interested in STEM majors are less inclined to rush Greek organizations or tent their first year, according a recent Chronicle survey.

This past summer, The Chronicle solicited responses to a survey for members of the Class of 2021. About 16 percent of the class—281 students—responded to the survey. Some of the questions centered on plans that first-years had for their future at Duke, such as whether they intended to rush Greek life, join a selective living group or tent during their first year. 

Of the five majors that first-years are “most inclined towards,” three are in STEM fields. Biology is the most popular, with 14.5 percent of students expressing interest, and economics came in close behind with 12.5 percent. These were the only two majors to attract the inclination of more than 10 percent of first-year students.

Rounding out the five most popular majors were public policy studies, biomedical engineering and neuroscience. A little more than one percent of surveyed students said they were undecided about their future major, and no students expressed an interest in the Program II track.

Those interested in non-STEM majors were more inclined to participate in Greek rush than those interested in STEM majors. Almost 30 percent of non-STEM majors reported that they were "extremely" or "very" interested in Greek life compared to only about 21 percent of STEM majors. However, there was a higher percentage of STEM first-years "moderately interested" in Greek life than non-STEM majors—almost 25 percent compared to about 18 percent, respectively.

Overall, the subject of affiliation drew mixed responses from the Class of 2021. Although 10 percent of respondents were “extremely interested” in Greek life at Duke, 28 percent said they were not interested at all. About 36 percent responded that they were “very” or “moderately” interested in Greek Life on campus.

Interest for selective living groups, however, boasted similar proportions of STEM first-years and non-STEM first-years. About 25 percent of STEM and non-STEM students surveyed reported being "extremely" or "very" interested in SLGs. Yet more non-STEM first-years were "moderately" interested in SLGs—about 36 percent of non-STEM students compared to a little more than 28 percent of STEM students.

In contrast, less than six percent of students were “extremely interested” in selective living groups, and only 17 percent said they were not interested at all. Nearly half of the students said they were “very” or “moderately” interested in SLGs.

Like East Campus, Krzyzewskiville will be gaining some new occupants with the Class of 2021. Over 15 percent of the class said they “definitely” plan to tent, and an additional 29 percent responded that they probably will, with only three percent answering that they definitely will not. Much of the class is still unsure, as 40 percent of first-years were undecided about whether or not they will participate. 

First-years interested in non-STEM majors also reported being more interested in tenting their first year than those interested in STEM majors.